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How it works

design contest

1. Create your brainstorm briefing

Brief our creatives; Describe your idea, your target market and determine the prize money!

2. Launch your contest

Created an outstanding briefing? Great, than it's time to launch your contest into crowdsourcing space! We will publish your contest and make it visible to all our 90,237 creatives.

3. Receive a great number of ideas

Receive professional ideas that suits your company.

4. Give feedback

Communication is key to a great concept, quickly eliminate the ideas that does not fit and communicate directly with the creatives that do. Easy as that..

5. Choose the Winning Design!

After 7 days determine the winner and receive all needed files. The designer gets the prize money and you'll have a stunning design!

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Benefit from multiple ideas, low prices and thousands of creatives

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Our Brainstorm Options

Guaranteed Contest

Guaranteed Contest

With a guaranteed contest we will always pay out the creatives. This gives the creatives more confidence and will work harder for your contest and you will get more and better results. All brainstorm contests are guaranteed by default.

Guaranteed Contest

Closed Contest

Your contest and contest entries will not be visible for search engines. Only your contest title will be visible for search engines. Only logged in designers can view your contest and can add entries.

Guaranteed Contest

One-on-One Contest

This hides entries from other creatives, so they cannot view each other's entries. This protect creatives from stealing each other's ideas. You can also have a one-on-one conversation with each user.


15465 satisfied customers

Wellness Center Mirelness

"What a great concept! Within hours I got a giftcard that fits my company perfect. I'll tell others and definitely use Crowdsite in the future."

Mandy Rijnders - Unicef

"605 entries! Fantastic! A big thank you to all the designers that entered, we are literally speechless. With so many hi-quality designs submitted throughout our competition, it wasn't easy to choose just three!"

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Our platform offers you unique features

Start a poll

Let friends or colleagues give their thoughts about the designs in your contest. Start a poll, select up to 10 designs and you'll get a unique link where your friends can cast a private vote.

Realtime chat

It's all about communication, that's the way to professional design, custom made for you.

Reliable ratings

All ratings are based on real projects,
so every rating is reliable.

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