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Can I start a logo+ namefinding contest

Unfortunately this is not possible due to various reasons. We have often experienced that the name of one designer and the logo of another designer appeals to you. The prizemoney then has to be divided. It is also not possible to submit designs in a namefinding contest. We recommend to start a namefinding contest first and after that a logo contest.

What about copyrights?

Every designer on the websites has agreed to give you all copyrights possible whenever he, she wins the contest. You have the full right to use the design for any purpose.

What pay methods do you provide?

On you can pay with PayPal, Creditcard (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Diners, Discover) and Bank Transfer 


When will a contest be displayed on the website?

The contest will appear on the website once we have processed your payment. If you have paid with credit card or other instant payment method, we can process your payment immediately.  In the case of bank transfers this can take a couple of days.

100% quality guarantee, as simple as that!

It’s pretty simple! Really; Get a great Design or your Money Back!

Our support team is always willing to help you succeed in the contest. Like extending the contest or adjust your briefing for better results.

Ok, there are some exceptions:

  • If you guarantee the contest to the designer.
  • If you activate the final round (after choosing finalists) then we will convert the contest in a guaranteed contest.

Do I get an invoice for my payment?

Yes, if you start a contest, an invoice is automatically generated by our system which can be easlily downloaded.

What is the duration of a design contest?

The default for a contest is two weeks. You can choose to shorten this (minimum one week) of to extend to six weeks.

How can I communicate with designers?

You can communicate with the designers in the contest forum. Here you can explain your briefing and give general remarks. You can also click on one of the designs and give your comment. It is also possible to send a private message if you go to the designers profile.


Can I upload files to my contest?

When starting a contest, you can upload files which can be used by the designers.

How do I know whether designs uploaded in my contest are 100% original?

At Crowdsite we use a fraude system where we all can report fraude. Herewith we separate 99% of the wheat from the chaff. It is wise, if your contest is close to enddate, to check if the targetted winning design is actually original. You can search the internet (we can also help you with that) by using a search engine specialized in images, for example picscout of google images. Designers who use designs which are not orginal will receive a warning. After receiving three warnings, they will be removed from our website. Crowdsite will inform you immediately if there is any infringement of third party rights.

How many designs can I expect after starting a contest?

That is very much dependent on the prizemoney of the contest. Often you will see that how higher the fee, the more designs will be submitted. Please note that this is never a guarantee for many designs. You can increase the chances of more designs to guarantee the contest and communication with the designer. Also a clear briefing will help to increase the number of designs.

What if none of the entries are good enough?

As Crowdsite has a success rate of 97%, chances you will find no suitable design is very small. We want to minimize that risk by giving you advice. Our experience is when contest owner adheres to our advice, there will be a wide range of nice designs which meet your standard.

Am I obliged to select a winner?

In a contest normally a winner is selected. 

In a guaranteed contest you have to select a winner. In a non-guaranteed contest you are not obliged to pick a winner if the designs do not meet your standard.

Why do you recommend a guaranteed contest?

When a contest is guaranteed, we will always pay a designer. This gives designers confidence and therefore more entries and a better result. The entitlement to money back guarantee expires when the contest is guaranteed.

What if I do not want to select a winner?

To select a winner, is the best option. If you don't want to, you can divide the prizemoney among the designers. If you have a money back guarantee, you can reclaim the prizemoney.

How much commission do you charge?

Commissions in Design Contests

Our commission is 30% of the prize money, this makes us one of the cheapest design crowdsourcing platforms.

Commissions in Private Projects

Private projects and shouts are free of commissions.

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