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New year, new platform, check it out!

We are thrilled to announce that we have migrated to a new platform! It will be easier to navigate on mobile and desktop, run faster and it has some new features you'll like. A good start of the year!


The design of the platform is simplified. Now we have 2 different roles at the platform, one for businesses and one for designers. If you are a designer you will get features like the newsfeed and latest designs on your dashboard and if you are a company relevant information about your running contest will be shown.


Now you can receive alerts on specific contests that matches your skills. At the list page you can create a filter and also an alert for this filter. So we will notify you when there is a new contest according your skills.


Our payouts system has been changed, previous you had to fill in your payment details with each payment. But now you are able to create one payment account and create payouts much faster. This is easier for you and makes the payout system more secure.

One-on-one contests are gone (a kind of)

Designers love the one-on-one feature, an other designer will not be able to see your entry. That’s why we’ll make it default for badge level 3 designers! If you have a designer badge level 3 we will hide all your designs, in all contests for other participants.

This will also prevent fraud! As new designers will not be able to hide their designs for others, you are able to spot fraud quicker, report it and we can take the necessary actions.
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