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New: Get your account verified & try the FileShare App

Good news today! We launched some new cool features on the site! Take 2 minutes and read about it. Get your account verified! Crowdsite has…

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Mark Zuckerberg’s dress to impress T-shirt

Freelancer website Crowdsite launches its first design contest for a community of 50,000 designers In April Crowdsite launched its first community contest. This contest, entitled…

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5 tips for a good looking portfolio

Recently we have updated the portfolio section on our website. For years, all of your entries were in your profile. If you liked them or…

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Material design, what is it?

For a long time skeuomorphism was the most used design style. This particular style became very popular as Apple used it in iOS versions up…

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Do you want to help us test our new navigation?

For a while now we’ve been working to improve our navigation. Now is the time to put our new navigation in beta. Designers who are…

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5 tips for a good corporate identity

As a company or organization, you want to make a good impression on your customers and prospects. Also you want to stand out from the…

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Designer Award 2015, who stood out?

Last year, we assigned the Designer Award for the first time to the best performing designer on our website. The Designer Award 2015 will also…

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New: 100% Quality Guarantee! A great design or your money back, it’s that simple!

A great design or your money back, it´s that simple! We have proved with a success rate of 97% that a design contest really works…

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Interview Puur Gooisch

Sometimes, we see design contests on our website, we want to know more about, so also these three contests of Puur Gooisch, a dutch company,…

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Don’t know where to go with your flyer design?

Why do you want to make a flyer design? Do you want to promote your product or company or do you want to advertise an…

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How to record a screencast

How to record a successful screencast More and more people are starting to record a screencast to create more conversion, sell more products and provide…

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10 tips to spot a good web developer

10 tips to spot a good web developer It can be pretty tricky to spot a good web developer, especially if you’re not an expert…

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